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Religion and science have been compartmentalized by artificial frames. However, they each must be challenged to rise above their imposed limitations.[...]

Academic endeavors often purport themselves as neutral analyses of socio-historical phenomena yet their metaphysical assumptions are no less biased than any other scholarly endeavor.[...]


Pre-modern Jewish references to the Prophet Muḥammad are nuanced. This article highlights medieval Jewish references that see the Prophet in a favorable light.[...]


The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated by most Christians in the winter. However, a reference from the Muslim tradition and a recently discovered astronomical phenomenon could suggest that Jesus was born in June.[...]


Alī b. Abī Ṭālib is often compared to Jesus Christ in Muslim sources. This article explores the similarities between Christology and Imamology.[...]

Jesus Christ Byzantine

For early Church Fathers like St. Chrysostom, marriage was primarily a means for chastity. Sexual disobedience and denial by either spouse risked endangering the household and the Church community.[...]


The “debate of the century” was on capitalism, Marxism, and happiness. This essay aims to compare the points of these two viral intellectuals to the Islamic tradition.[...]

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Bernard Carra de Vaux in his response to colonial journalist Edmond Fazy, details the steps which Western colonial powers must take to preserve their imperial hold on Muslim populations.[...]